About Me

Hello Everybody,

My name is Shashi and I live in the xx. I am Indian and have been here in the xx for my further education. I am a crazy person about Hindi films and Bollywood. When I was in India I had never missed any new released films. I always read about Bollywood news and events in magazines, newspapers or on the TV. However, in the xx I always feel apart from Bollywood. Here I can’t find filmy magazines nor can I read much about Bollywood. I can watch movie in cinema but only after one or two weeks of its release.

The only source is Internet and that’s why I have decided to create a podcast where listeners can access to all ongoing stuff in Bollywood. I have found some podcast about Bollywood but these are either with only news or with only songs. In my podcast you will listen to not only current affairs but also new released films, their box office collection and some of the songs from forthcoming movies. This is a complete Bollywood podcast….

I hope you will enjoy this podcast…

If you have any suggestions or complaints feel free to comment on blog or mail me at



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