About This Podcast

Bollywood this week is a podcast, everything about Bollywood.

In every show, you will listen to ongoing stuff in Bollywood ….

  • Current Affairs:

In current affairs you will listen to latest hot and happening news from Bollywood. Including news about stars, about films, gossips and lots more.

  • Friday Blockbuster:

In Friday blockbuster you will listen to preview of new movies. Every Friday new movies are released and you will listen to preview of these films.

  • Box Office:

In box office you will listen to current status of films at box office. Which films are hits and which are flops. Which film has created havoc at box office and which one goes to bin. Also sometimes I will review hit films.

  • Music Preview:

In music preview you will listen to favourite and good songs from forthcoming films. Music is sole of Indian films and its fate is decided by music. So I will put only interesting songs from album which are good for listening…

Overall, you can’t miss anything and you will be always connected to biggest film industry ie…Bollywood


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